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We are a social platform that creates programmes, events and media to support Egyptians as active participants in the development of their communities and as caretakers of their culture.




Since the 25 January Revolution began in 2011, Egypt's economy has consistently declined amid losses in property rights, investment and financial freedom. 


But we believe there's hope to improve economic freedom and opportunities, while countering economic stagnation.


All around the world, the culture and tourism sectors are becoming driving elements for sustainable development. Nowhere is that more relevant than in Egypt, a cradle of civilization with one of longest histories of any modern country.


As expanding industries, culture and tourism offer diverse opportunities and expereinces for Egyptians to participate in the Egyptian economy, while addressing extremely relevant social issues that include urban renewal, gender equality and renewable energy.




We envision an Egypt built by Egyptians!


Our mission is to engage everyday Egyptians just like you with the resources they need to build prosperous thriving communities!


  • Create your own original content about Egyptian culture, sites and communities (e.g. videos, slideshows and photo essays, articles etc.). We’ll share your unique insight with our audiences and make you a voice for cultural activity in Egypt!


  • Join one of our many events and programmes!


  • Enter our social media contests for a chance to be featured as the face of MyEGYPT!


  • Share your own ideas, comments and questions through the MyEGYPT website and social media. We’ll use your feedback to grow and develop MyEGYPT in ways that are meaningful to Egyptians like you!


What are you waiting for? Discover how you can be a part of MyEGYPT!

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