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An incredible journey awaits you...

An incredible journey awaits you...

Full of unique insight...

Full of unique insight...

And transformative experiences.

And transformative experiences.


MyEGYPT Expeditions offers annual excursions to a single locale within Egypt that introduces participants to local communities, events, activities and change-makers that they may otherwise never have the opportunity to encounter and experience. Our journeys aim to open pathways of mutual understanding and respect between Egyptians and visitors through transformative experiences that go beyond the familiar to offer unique exposure to Egypt's culture and heritage. So, what are you waiting for... Join our expeditions and travel with meaning! 

MyEGYPT Expeditions... Travel Differently.


We are so excited to announce our 2016 Expedition through Egypt's Western Desert!


Our journey will take you through three of Egypt's stunning oases, where we'll exlplore the delicate balance between humankind and the environment that Egypt's desert dwellers have sustained for millenia!


This immersive adventure will introduce you to the diverse communities and cultures of the Western Desert, while traversing the complexities and challenges of living in an increasingly hostile environment. Ever innovative and resourceful, our exploration of these communities will show you how the Western Desert may hold the key for renewable energy development throughout the Middle East North Africa Region!


Dates and full itinerary will be available soon!




Our 2016 Expedition has been announced!


Islands of the Blessed

Civilization and Environment in the Western Desert



Please contact us to make a reservation,or if you have any questions regarding MyEGYPT Expeditions:


A 500.00 USD deposit will be required to reserve your space on any of our Expeditions. The remaining balance is required one (1) month prior to departure.


Please note that the deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.  


We accept all major credit cards through PayPal. If you would like to pay via this method, please click the 'Buy Now' icon below.


Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for important information concerning cancellations and refunds and other relevant information about your Expedition.

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