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Kelly Krause, CO-FOUNDER 


Kelly is the Founder and President of Heritage in Action (HiA), a San Francisco-based heritage management company that promotes socio-economic sustainability through cultural heritage, tourism, storytelling and community engagement.


Through her experience with non-profits, government institutions and media networks that include the Egyptian Ministry for Heritage and Antiquities, the Qatar Museums Authority, UNESCO and the Discovery Channel, Kelly aims to enable Egypt's culture and tourism sectors as mechanisms for furthering Egypt's socio-economic growth and stability.

Kelly is a graduate of Boston University and the Institute of Archaeology, University College London. She currently serves as an Associate Trustee for the Egyptian Cultural Heritage Organization (ECHO) and as a Research Associate for the Centre for Applied Archaeology at University College London.

Claudia Brose, CO-FOUNDER


Claudia is the Co-founder and Managing Director of HiA. Claudia combines her professional experience in marketing and management to oversee strategic planning and development for MyEGYPT, developing creative avenues that support cross-cultural dialogue and exchange between Egyptians and visitors.

Claudia holds a M.B.A. from the University of Cologne and a journalism certificate from the Free Journalism School in Berlin. She has worked with organizations that include the Association for the Protection of Afghan Archaeology, and served on the board of governors for the non-profit organization SAFE/Saving Antiquities for Everyone and on the board of directors for the Society for Asian Art.

Nigel Hetherington, OPERATING PARTNER


Nigel is the Founder and CEO of Past Preservers, a Cairo-based media consultancy specializing in historical and cultural productions. 


Through his experience with academia, the media industry and professional  fieldwork in archaeology and site preservation, Nigel facilitates and supports the happy marriage of rigorous and scientific archaeology to innovative and entertaining media projects. As an opertaing partner, Nigel and Past Preservers lend support to MyEGYPT through industry expertise, identifying emerging needs and opportunities and leveraging professional networks to successfully grow and develop MyEGYPT.


Nigel is a graduate of the Institute of Archaeology, University College London and is the co-author with Dr. Kent Weeks of The Valley of the Kings Site Masterplan.



Mousa is the Coordinator and Expedition Leader for MyEGYPT Expeditions.


An adventurous and trilingual Egyptologist (Arabic, English and Spanish), Mousa loves to travel the world, making new friendships and sharing and collecting stories. His passion for cultural places, monuments and archaeological sites inspires him to learn more about global cultures, including his own.


Mousa joined MyEGYPT out of a mutual love and passion for Egyptian culture and the Egyptian people. His contagious enthusiasm and energy make him the perfect person to engage Egyptians and visitors one-on-one with Egypt’s culture, history and geography.

Ahmed Esmaeil, DIRECTOR, MyGREENegypt


Ahmed is the Director of MyGREENegypt, an umbrella initiative of MyEGYPT.


A professional Electrical and Electronics Engineer, Ahmed aims to nurture his passion through the development of technologies that serve the Egyptian people alongside environmental conservation.


Ahmed co-founded MyGREENegypt with MyEGYPT Co-founder Kelly Krause after discovering a second passion for Egyptian cultural heritage as a participant with MyEGYPT Expeditions. This experience not only inspired him to preserve his country’s heritage, but instigated new approaches for his work in renewable energy development that can potentially conserve natural and cultural resources alike.


Ahmed is fluent in Arabic and English. Naturally curious and inquisitive, he loves exploring cultures and environments around the world, always eager to learn more and share his newfound knowledge in ways that benefit others.

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