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We are a technical platform that aims to increase community access to renewable energy via the greening of the tourism sector.


WHY myGREENegypt?


Renewable energy currently occupies a very small percentage of Egypt’s total energy production, even though the country has high solar and wind availabilities.


Photovoltaic systems and wind power can be used in both urban and rural areas for water pumping, desalination, clinics, telecommunications, electrification, etc., addressing Egypt’s urgent energy crisis and effectively ending challenges that include rolling blackouts and the use of finite fossil fuels.


As a large and popular industry with a genuine interest in greening it’s practice, Egypt’s tourism sector is an ideal source for increasing the use of and access to renewable energy throughout the Egyptian state.




myGREENegypt will initiate a reliable open-source design(s) for a solar energy harvesting product(s), produced on a large scale.


Our specialized Research and Development teams will address the tourism sector’s renewable energy needs through qualitative and quantitative analyses, surveying a variety of stakeholders (e.g. hotels, hostels and eco-lodges; museums; cultural sites; local communities etc.) to effectively implement a renewable energy plan that addresses challenges and needs.


The design(s) will be finalized post-review and post-approval from the project team and participating stakeholders, initiating a timeline that will include testing and implementation of a physical prototype(s). The prototype(s) are then applied as an on-site case study (e.g. hotel, eco-lodge, museum etc.). Successful testing will result in mass production, pending project funding.

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